Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Countdown is on!

This summer has certainly been a whirlwind adventure!
The campaign trail has brought many experiences that I would not have anticipated. Unfortunately, along the path, I have seen that politics can bring out an unwarranted negativity in people that exposes the essence of who they are. However, the good news is that most of our experiences this summer were quite positive.

As our family hung signs, knocked on doors and attended numerous parades, community events and rallies, we were continually humbled by the outpouring of support and friendship from all 21 Anoka County communities. I learned of your concerns as well as your dreams about the future of Anoka County. My family and I thank you very much for your input and for the inspiration to keep reaching higher and to keep running faster!

As we move into the final month (yes it is that time already), I am asking that all of our supporters "dig in" like never before. This is a pivotal time, not just for the Anoka County Sheriff's Office, but for Anoka County as a whole. We need all of our supporters to call your friends, tell your neighbors and e-mail your relatives to keep spreading the word about our campaign. If you have any additional sign locations on well traveled roads, please let us know. If you, or anyone you know, is willing to make a financial contribution of any size to help us cover the costs of ensuring a positive future for the county, NOW is the time.
We need everyone off the bench and on the field as we move into the final quarter.

There will continue to be difficult times that lie ahead for our society.
We need a Chief Law Enforcement Officer who can make the difficult decisions while keeping the "big picture" in proper perspective. We need an experienced manager who has proven their ability to be fiscally efficient and responsible with the tax payers hard earned dollars. We need a respected leader who has demonstrated a strong work ethic and the tenacity to commit to evaluating our services to the community to ensure that they are as effective and efficient as possible while not lowering the standards. We need a Sheriff who has a strong vision for community service and collaboration and making Anoka County a safe and positive place for all of us to raise our families.
I have worked hard to be an active leader in the office and in the community. I have not done this as a campaign plan, but because making a difference is what our family is all about.
If I have earned your trust, then I need you to join our team and help us finish strong during this final month. Many opportunities are available, just let us know on the website how you can help us be victorious on November 2nd.

I thank each one of you for your support, your friendship, and your commitment to helping us secure a more positive future for Anoka County!


James Stuart