Thursday, June 10, 2010

Parade Season

Although I have often heard of "road construction season", I have never previously thought about parades this way. That was then...

Now, our daily adventure often consists of planning for and participating in many such events. We had an amazing start to this unique "season" in the life of elected officials and many others. Our team came out in impressive force as we met hundreds, and interacted with thousands of people. Our team showed great energy as we ran along the route and distributed "Stuart for Sheriff" stickers, literature, buttons, magnets and, of course, candy. All of this was done as we followed our team of banner carriers and an incredible float.

I am so grateful for the unstoppable enthusiasm of our team and the ever increasing energy behind our supporters. I am humbled by the outpouring of support and will work hard to ensure that these efforts were not in vain.

Thank you all very much! I look forward to serving you as your Sheriff.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More focused than ever!

Now that I have officially filed to run for the position of Sheriff, I have started my (policy mandated) leave of absence from the Sheriff's Office. Although it brings some challenges, it also has the benefit of allowing me to focus more intensely on the single job of winning this campaign.

I am excited to continue gaining momentum in the campaign that we began six weeks ago.
This has already been a wild ride as I continue to be humbled by your support, involved in our communities, dedicated to our citizens and committed to win.

Keep referring people to our sites, and spreading the word of our campaign so that we can stand together as stakeholders for a positive direction for the future of Anoka County.